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Reports and Financial Information 報告及財務資料
  • Financial Reports 財務報告
  • Announcements and Notices 公告及通告
  • Circulars 通函
  • Notices (Replacement of Lost Share Certificates) 公告 (補發已遺失的股份証明書)

  • Corporate Governance 企業管治
  • Memorandum of Association and New Bye-Laws 組織章程大綱及新公司細則
  • List of Directors and their Role and Function 董事名單與其角色和職能
  • Terms of Reference of Audit Committee 審核委員會之職權範圍
  • Terms of Reference of Remuneration Committee 薪酬委員會之職權範圍
  • Terms of Reference of Nomination Committee 提名委員會之職權範圍
  • Procedures for shareholders to propose a person for election as a director 股東提名侯選董事之程序